Paying attention to your thoughts

February 28,2011

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I thought I would start with something that changed my life completely, about 8 years ago, when I had the realization that my thoughts where more than just endless chatter and images in my mind, they were shaping my life!


Why is it that paying attention to your thoughts is incredibly important?
A thought is energy, and this energy (generated in your brain) travels outside of you... by this I mean, your thoughts generate energy waves that can directly affect your surroundings and hence your circumstances.

The main principle of the Law of Attraction says that you attract what you focus on, so your energy waves tune into similar waves that are out there. If your thoughts are negative, you generate negative energy waves that will, in turn, bring negative feedback into your life.

For instance, if you focus your mind on fear, danger, illness, etc. you are likely to attract negative circumstances into your life, and what you fear the most may actually happen to you. Likewise, if you concentrate on positive thoughts, you will see positive outcomes in your life. This is because the Law of Attraction does not differentiate between what is "wanted" or "unwanted" but works solely on what the energy is focused on.

Without digging into Quantum Physics to explain this phenomena, I just want to say that what is in your head MATTERS, your thoughts have power, a much greater power than you can imagine, therefore, you can't ignore or underestimate them, and you must try to shape them wisely.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that, our thoughts shape our emotions.
For instance, if you are thinking of the potential dangers around you (whether they are legit or not), you will feel fearful and worried, or if you think that you are a victim of bad luck or mean people, you will feel angry or sad, and so on. So, your feelings are a good way to gauge your thoughts.

When you are trapped inside a cycle where your negative thinking produces negative emotions, it is hard to step out of it and it can become a vicious cycle, which is at the root of depression, a widely spred disorder in this century, unfortunatelly.

The good news is that being aware of the importance of your thoughts is the beginning to breaking the cycle before you get too deep into it. By making a strong shift in your thoughts, little by little you’ll be able to control your emotions. That is powerful!

Now, how can you begin changing your mind focus and sustaining that change throughout your life?

As with everything else important that we want to achieve, we do it one step at a time, one day at a time and try to be consistent. In my next newsletters there will be tips, ideas and extra info on this topic.

For this week, just let this idea sink in and try to carefully "watch" your thoughts, pay attention to their content, find out what are the thoughts and/or images that populate your mind.

A good way to gauge your thoughts, as said earlier, is to acknowledge your feelings, so if you are feeling sad, angry, frustrated, stressed, etc. your thoughts are most likely in accordance with those feelings... and vice-versa.

Have a wonderful week!


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