A word about laughing!

April 11, 2011

Do you remember when was the last time you had a good laugh?, those that make you cry or make you want to pee really bad? I mean a good wholeheartedly, inhibited laugh that hurts your belly!


As a mother of twin toddlers, I am been constantly reminded of how good it feels to laugh, because kids do it naturally and many times a day! But to be honest with you, I can't really remember when was the last time I laughed so hard, it was certainly when I was a kid.

One thing I remember however, is that in my home country people get together to tell jokes, a lovely custom, as laughing together is a bonding experience, it brings people closer, eases tensions and brings warmth and happiness to any social gathering.

It seems like, as we grow into adulthood, something along the way makes our laughing disappear or be much less frequent. Many of us get to the point were we almost never laugh.
What a sad realization that was for me... I felt suddenly that my life as an adult has been devoid of a magical and delicious ingredient.

Aside from making us feel really good, laughter has incredible benefits for our physical and mental health. Recent studies show that a good laugh can boost your immune system, relax your body muscles, ease anxiety and stress, help difuse tension in relationships, etc. For more info on all the benefits of laughter, you can check this websites out: Laughter is the best medicine (very informative article with lots of resources), and the Laughter for Health website.

There are people that have the capacity to laugh a lot still as adults, but the vast majority of us do not. Why is it that we laugh so little...? Is it that we take life and ourselves too seriously? Or we find it embarassing? Or we have no time for it? Whatever the reason, we need to make an effort to change it.

There are now therapies that exist to bring laughter back and use it to treat a myriad of ailments like stress, pain, depression, etc. One of them is Laughter Yoga.

Isn't it interesting that something that is so inherent to our human nature (just look at kids...) needs to be brought back to us, as a therapy so that we can remember how it is done? crazy! However, it is good to see that some people do take laughter very seriously!

The bottom line is, whether laugher does or doesn't have those many benefits (I personally believe it does), it makes us feel good, there is no denying that, laughter and feeling good are synonyms, so how about we make an effort to bring laughter back into our daily lives?

Just by laughing really hard once a day, you will see a difference in your mood and health as the days go by. You can laugh any time, anywhere, alone or in company, it doesn't cost you anything, it doesn't take much time, and it can bring so much to your life! Plus, laughter is infectious, so you can bring the same benefits and fun to people around you!

Now, if you are not the type of person that will find it easy to laugh at any silly thing or at yourself, there are some tips that can help you:

  • Try to hang out with funny people
  • Record an audio of an infectious laugh and listen to it whenever you can
  • Read funny stories, watch funny movies or clips
  • Ask a friend or a loved one to tickle you!
  • Last but not least, fake a laugh, it will become a real one after a while!

The internet is a great resource to find stories, audios and videos to use. Think about all the time we spend online, working, reading bleak news, or just surfing on Facebook, how about taking a few minutes to laugh! I have picked a few videos for you to get started:

These videos may not make you laugh as much as they made me laugh, because humor is different for everyone, but you can find funny videos that work for you.

Have a wonderful week and laugh a lot!

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