Our Own Path to Happiness

May 2, 2011

After a little Easter break, I am back this week with a subject that touches us all: The Pursuit of Happiness! This pursuit is what drives our lives, our every action, our every desire.
Every human being on earth longs for it, but how do we define happiness? How do we find it?

Most western societies teach us to follow specific standards of beauty, wealth, and success in order to find happiness, but the truth is, each one of us is so unique, that our true happiness can't be compartmentalized in such way. Real happiness is personal, can only be soul-driven, and cannot be measured by anyone else's definition. What makes me happy may not necessarily make you happy and vice-versa.

Most of us have been so influenced by our parents, teachers and society in general that we believe that by having or doing some specific things we'll find happiness. However, getting or doing those things may never truly bring happiness or fulfillment into our lives. In the process, we have lost touch with our deepest self, and as a result many of us don't even know what we really want, or we want the wrong things.

In order to reconnect with our true self and our unique path to happiness, we need to look inside ourselves and clean up all the junk around us, that is: clear our minds from conditioning, false beliefs, wrong definitions, etc. The problem is, many of these are not even conscious so we are not aware of them.

The good news is that we can use some relatively easy practices or tools that will, little by little, take care of the clean up without us giving much thought and effort to it. Some of these practices I have mentioned in past newsletters:

There are many other small steps we can take in order to find our true self, but the important thing we need to realize is that we are unique and our path to happiness is our own and can only be found if we reconnect with our soul.

Once we clear all the conditioning, false beliefs and misconceptions that hold us back, we will see much more clearly. We will start creating our life as opposed to just reacting to it, we will find our true potential and power.

There is a phrase by Carl Jung that I love and that sums all this up for me:


So, spend a little more time exploring your true self, a little more time connecting to your soul and you will see how incredible you are, how powerful and beautiful you are. There is a light shining in every one of us, but we need to let it out for only that light will guide our way to happiness and true fulfillment.

Have a wonderful week!


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