Our BODY: our Human Experience - Part I

July 5, 2011

I hope all my readers in the US enjoyed a wonderful Independence Day weekend!
Back to being inspired, this week I would like to talk about a subject I have been concocting for a while...
Our BODY: our human experience.


Many of you may have heard the expression: "The Body is the Temple of the Soul," but how many of us really realize what it means? The truth is, most people don't seem to give their bodies a fraction of the respect they deserve.

Our bodies are amazing, in every way! Just to give a few examples:

  • Our body performs thousands of functions simultaneously and in perfect harmony
  • Our body strength and resistance can grow exponentially when we face danger
  • Our nose can recognize about 50,000 different smells
  • Our bones are stronger than concrete

And that is just to name a few, note that I have not even talked about our brain or the capacity to reproduce... In short, I just want to remind us all, that our body is incredible and if it wasn't for it, we wouldn't even be reading this, we would not be having this human experience at all.

So, today I encourage you to devote a little time to reflect on the treatment you give your body and how you can improve it.

Here are a few examples of how people disrespect or mistreat their bodies:

  • They RESENT their bodies because their shape, color, size, etc. is not compliant with what they believe is optimal

  • They ABUSE their bodies, by not sleeping enough, not eating well, drinking too much alcohol, smoking, etc.

  • They IGNORE their bodies by not listening to the signs, the attention calls

  • They PUSH their bodies to the limit by leading stressful lives

  • They INHIBIT their bodies by not giving them enough freedom of expression

Do you recognize yourself in any of these statements? I think most of us do, if we are honest.

The consequences of disrespecting our bodies can range from emotional distress to serious disease, with everything in between... and if they don't show up when we are young, they will show up sooner or later. So, what can we do to improve this?

First of all, recognize your body as an incredible part of you, a part that works hard everyday for you to have this human experience, to be alive!

Second, once you recognize it for what it is, treat it with the respect it deserves by honoring the basics:

  1. Eat well
  2. Rest enough
  3. Let your body express itself
  4. Listen to it

These basics are easier said than done, and they are a little more complex than they seem, so they deserve further discussion, that is why I will break this newsletter theme in 3 parts, next week I will talk about eating well and resting enough, and the week after, I will tackle body expression and listening.

For now, I just urge you to reflect honestly on how you are treating your body. Chances are, if you are not respecting it and treating it well, even if you don't see any obvious consequence yet (in your health, feelings, general well being), sooner or later problems will arise and will affect your well-being, so let's not let that happen!

Have a great week!

  • For Washington DC Residents: July 9th, the Dalai Lama will give a Talk for World Peace at the Capitol, for details go to this Website.

  • I just found out that anybody can access the Wish Summit anytime, just by registering for free, this Summit was in March, but they have extended the access to the calls for the whole year, take advantage of these 40 days of Wisdom and Empowering calls, to register, go to the Wish Summit Website.
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