Looking for the Best...

August 2, 2011

Can we look for the best in every circumstance? Can we dig in and find the good in every experience? Can we see the best in people, even our enemies? and, if we can, is it really worth it? YES, absolutely!

Picture by Pablo Corral Vega ©

The picture you see above was taken in 1999, when the Pichincha volcano erupted in my home town: Quito - Ecuador. We had been warned that the volcano, at the base of which lies our city, was waking up and could erupt at any time, we didn't really know what to expect and we were very scared.

One clear morning, the city woke up to a giant mushroom that was expanding over our heads, I remember clearly how scared I was but also how incredibly beautiful and breathtaking the view was. To this day, I feel fortunate that I was there to see this amazing show of nature.

This story is relevant for me, in the context of this posting, because I realized that while I was so afraid and worried, my mind was able to focus on the beauty of the moment, without thinking of the consequences or implications of the eruption.

So, I was thinking about the importance of focusing on the best of every situation, no matter what. Most of us tend to complain, to harbor hard feelings and/or to get upset when we find ourselves in less than desirable circumstances, however, if we make a conscious decision to look for the best in everything, we are taking a wiser, more mature road, we are becoming stronger and more in control of ourselves and in turn, we will see our lives unfold in a much more positive way.

Looking for the best does not mean "ignoring" or "denying" the reality we are in, but it means simply accepting and understanding the reasons behind it, and if we do not understand the reasons, we can at least believe that there are.

The same goes with people, if someone acts in a hurtful manner, we can take it personally and suffer or we can see beyond the fact and try to understand where the person comes from, if we are able to see them with love and understanding, more often than not, their attitude will not hurt us at all.

If we make a point of always looking for the best in every person, every circumstance and every experience, we can only gain from it, because we are aligning ourselves with positive energy. No matter what the issue is, if we are aligned with love and understanding, we always stand a better chance to raise beyond our problems and to solve them faster.

There are people who will naturally look for the best, but for many of us, this requires a conscious effort, and it may take time, but with a regular practice it will become natural too.

I have personally taken this path, and although it is still a work in progress and not always easy... it has given me peace and strength and, I feel definitely happier than I did before.

"Everything has beauty but not everyone sees it". - Confucius

Have a great week!

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