Finding your Passion and Purpose in Life!

January 11th, 2012

This week I want to reflect on "Finding your Passion and Purpose in Life".
Are you spending most of your time, doing something that: Fulfills you?, Thrills you?, Gives you a sense of purpose?, Makes you forget about time?


All these years, I have read many books, watched many videos and, listened to many conferences on the topic of happiness, self improvement and more; and one thing that always comes up is the importance of following your true calling, your passion, that which makes you live at your fullest potential.

This makes total sense, right, we all know that we can be happy (or rather happier) if we were able to do what really excites us and gives us a sense of purpose. However, most people find themselves blocked by two facts: 1.- they don't really know what their true calling is. or 2.- they know, but they think they don't have what it takes to follow it through. Today I will focus on the first fact only, I will tackle the second one in a later post.

I personally know a few people that truly love what they do, they don't do it for the money, they don't do it because they have to, they do it because they LOOOOVE doing it. Sadly, they are not in the majority.

For some people, their passion is clear from a very early age, for others it comes suddenly as a realization that shakes their world, yet for others it sinks slowly until they finally realize it, but for many it remains a mystery, a longing, and something that may or may never be discovered.

Our unique talents are usually closely tied to our passion and purpose in life, so if we don't find that purpose, we are not using our fullest potential, we are not making the best of what we have.
Our education systems and social norms don't do a very good job when it comes to unveiling each and every persons true gifts and talents, instead, we are all encouraged to fit into a certain academic standard where some subjects of study are more valued than others, and many are ignored all together.

The truth is, we are all different and unique, we have our own personality, interests, gifts, etc. So it is very important to discover what is it that best matches our talents, so that we can more naturally succeed at it. Because by using the best we have, in doing what really excites us, we are guaranteed to succeed.

Sometimes our talents could be ignored, considered useless or even weird for people around us, nevertheless, we can't dismiss them, for they will give us a clue into what our passion might be. A good example of this is a story I recently heard, of a very successful businessman who struggled with the fact that his only son had lots of trouble in school. The family as well as the school focused on the kid's "problem" trying to make him meet the school standards, to no avail.
Finally, the kid was sent to a specialized center, that focused only on finding his talents, and realized he had an amazing way with animals. The encouragement he found in this center, allowed him to blossom and he eventually became incredibly successful in working with animals, and made a career out of it.
His father later commented that, looking back, he knew his son had a talent in communicating with animals, but he never gave it much importance.

There are lots of books and resources out there about finding your true calling. However, many of them focus on the standard, most common professions, which I personally find limiting, especially in this fast moving era where new "professions" are created every day. Why not think that YOU can come up with a new profession that matches your unique talents...? You may not need to, but it is just one more possibility.

I recently came across an article that I really liked, because it is very extensive and thorough and I believe it can be of great use. I do encourage you to print it out and read it, taking your time to do the exercises. Here is the link to it: Find Your Passion.

The first exercise alone was a discovery to me, it helped me find my 5 top passions, and it was right on!, So if you just want to do this quick and cool exercise, here is the link: Guide to finding your top 5 passions, I recommend you print it out.

The authors of the exercise are a couple that have devoted their lives to helping people find their passion, they have published a cool book that you can check out too:The Passion Test: The Effortless Path to Discovering Your Life Purpose

It is much easier to focus on what you want if you KNOW what is it that you want, so you have to start by finding out!, after that, you can work on all sorts of things like: taking classes, reading about it, taking seminars, using vision boards, mind movies, affirmations, focused meditation, etc. The important thing is to direct your energy on the right path!

Plus, in Eastern philosophies it is believed that if one individual finds his/her purpose and acts on it, not only he/she lives a much happier life, but everybody around benefits from it, because we are all connected.

One more tool I use, is three simple questions before I meditate. Based on the belief that each of us is unique, that we each have a purpose in life and that we are connected to everything and everybody around us, I ask myself 3 key questions at the beginning of my meditation sessions:

  • Who am I?
  • What do I want?
  • How can I serve?

I got these questions from a Chopra Center article I read, and I use them because: once you are in a meditative state, you open the door to many answers that you seek, and by asking those questions every time at the beginning, it is possible that you will start finding the answers around you. So if you meditate, you can use this simple tool too.

I hope you have enjoyed this article and good luck in finding your passion, if you haven't already.

Have a great week!


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