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March 19th, 2012

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What exactly is "Doing your Best"?
One day, I came to the realization that doing my best had nothing to do with trying to be perfect, working extra hard, filling expectations (my own or those of others), etc. I then came up with three ways in which I can do my best everyday and I wanted to share them with you.


The first one is accepting that everyday is different and therefore everyday WE are different too, there is only so much that we can give or do in any given day depending on that particular day's circumstances.

This idea became very clear to me, at a physical level, in my yoga practice: while some days I could hold balance poses forever and very easily, other days I could barely hold still on the same poses for more than one second. at first I could not understand why if one day I had it, the next I didn't, but I learned that everyday my body responded a little differently and I had to accept it and respect it.

The same is true with our psyche, our feelings and our overall being, some days we respond better than others and that is just the way it is. However, if we can do our best within the circumstances of the moment, and respect ourselves for it, without judging our performance, we have succeeded.

The second way to do our best is simply to be present in every moment and see the good side of every circumstance, there is always one. For instance, if you are stuck in traffic trying to get out of the city, instead of cursing all the way about how bad the traffic is and getting angry, you could enjoy the company of the people in the car and take that time to really be with them, talk to them, etc. If you are alone, you could enjoy some good music in the radio and really immerse yourself in it.

The idea is that every day we have a choice to accept our circumstances and do the best within them, or turn a bad experience into misery for us and those around us. It is our choice!

The third is, never hesitate to give to others, and by giving I do not mean giving material gifts to people, but giving a bright smile to the waiter that serves you, a compliment to your wife, a hug to your friend, etc. any show of appreciation and/or affection is a gift to others, and we can all use them, so why not giving them generously! Plus, the more you appreciate people, the more appreciated you will be!

Also, we should appreciate others for who they are, not necessarily for what they do, because, as we can see, we may not always do great but we are all worthy of respect and we are all dealing with different circumstances. So if you encounter people who are not nice to you, just think that they are having a hard time dealing with their own circumstances and therefore not capable of more, do not take it personally!

Basically, to sum it up, doing your best in my opinion is:

  1. Accept yourself and what "your best" is today
  2. Live in the present moment and try to see the good in every situation
  3. Always give to others and show affection and appreciation for who they are

Have a great week!


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