When You Change, The World Around You Changes

April 23th, 2012

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I would like to dedicate this issue to a dear friend of mine that has been an inspiration and a great supporter from the day I met her. This week's topic was inspired by a long conversation I recently had with her. Thank you Isabel! I feel blessed to be your friend.


The truth is, life is a roller coaster for each and everyone of us, we all have ups and downs, we all face challenges at one time or another, whether it is dealing with health issues, relationship conflicts, work pressure, financial stress, you name it. But it isn't until we are able to find true peace and connection within ourselves that we can face these challenges with grace, calmness and optimism.

The source of most of our problems lie in our perspective, if we change it, the world around us starts to change, there is no greater nor more important transformation than the one we can achieve within.

We can't change external circumstances and we can't change people, but we CAN change ourselves and if we do, a magic shift starts happening all around us, it is like a snowball effect, a domino effect, a slow unfolding that takes place before our eyes.

"Everything happening in your external world is a reflection of your inner world. When you transform yourself, the world around you cannot help but change." - Chopra Center

This statement makes total sense, not only because by transforming our perspective, we see things from a different angle and therefore those things "change", but also because our energy is interconnected with the energy of the world (other people, animals, innate matter, objects, etc) therefore, if our energy frequency changes, it will inevitably affect the energy of our surroundings.

So why exactly do we need to change? you may ask...
I would say that if you experience any kind of emotional discomfort: fear, anger, resentment, sadness, etc. It means there is room for change, it means you are not yet where you could be in order to face life with true harmony and peace. So, I dare say that everyone of us can change and need to, because for one thing, we are in this earth to learn, grow and ultimately to be happy.

So... how do we go about changing?
Well, that is tricky, because it is a very personal journey, there is no fool-proof recipe for success, it takes time, commitment, courage and skills that we can only develop through practice, and experience. However, the sooner we become aware that change is possible and necessary, the sooner we can start on our path to a meaningful and lasting transformation.

Every challenge is there for a reason and if we are willing to stop! and look inwards to find the lesson behind it, we can only grow stronger and wiser. But the key is to STOP and look INWARDS, because the answers are inside ourselves, nobody else has our answers.

We each are a unique "world" made of many, many variables (childhood conditionings, experiences, nature, culture, upbringing, education, genetics, etc...) So we can't look for answers in others; we can sure listen to them, we can learn from their experience, we can be inspired by them, but ultimately, the path to change is our own and only, we are our own healers.

I have found that there are 3 important skills that we can develop and that will greatly help us move forward in this journey:

  1. Acceptance
  2. Trust, and
  3. Detachment

1. The first step is to accept things as they are:
By this I mean: we stop denying them, we stop blaming ourselves or others, we stop pretending we are fine, we stop fighting them, we stop forcing them to change, we stop resenting them, etc.
We just accept them as they are.

2. The second is trust our inner wisdom:
Once we have successfully been able to accept the things around us and have stopped all the inner fighting, we will see things more clearly. Then we can start reconnecting with our inner guidance system, and this will give us confidence and trust that things will unfold exactly as they should.

What I mean here is that we all have in us a very powerful tool that I call inner wisdom, inner guidance, or inner voice (it is connected to our intuition). This tool can help us navigate the world smoothly, but its subtle voice is often masked or dismissed because of all the external noise, the voice in our heads (which is not the same voice!!!), and our tendency to rationalize everything.
Most people in fact don't even know they have this tool, let alone use it!

If we work on reconnecting to this inner wisdom, magic will happen in our lives, I kid you not!.
But once you have found this voice, the key is to TRUST it without question and every step of the way, even if what you are prompted to say or do does not make much sense to your rational mind!
If you want to read a little more on this, I have a past entry on intuition that you may like: Can we Awaken our Intuition?

3. And finally, we need to detach ourselves from the outcome:
This is simply letting go of the outcome, if we trust, we will know deep in our hearts that whatever happens is what needs to happen and this viewpoint will bring us great peace, whatever the outcome, the problem will resolve just as it has to, and for the better.

Our need to control everything makes it really difficult to master these skills, but it is only in that mastery that we can find true peace and live the present moment fully.

And I don't mean to suggest that there is nothing we can do to change the environment, on the contrary, all I am saying is that any real and meaningful change of circumstances must come from within first, it is the only way to truly change things.

In fact this transformation will give us more power than ever to make things happen, because when we are connected to our inner wisdom we have access to amazing insights, we will make better decisions, wiser moves, find ourselves in the right place at the right time, solve problems with less effort, avoid conflicts before they arise, etc.

Mastering these practices is different for every person and they can only happen if there is a true awareness of the need for them. Awareness can arise anytime, for some it may happen after a life-changing event, for others it may be a gradual understanding, yet for some, sadly, it may never happen.

But for each and every one of us this transformation is the key to stop the suffering and navigate life with peace and harmony, so it is something worth working on! Remember, If you are aware, you are a step ahead, and you can start working on it!

Have a great week and a great journey into transformation!


* Watch Deepak Chopra on Oprah's network on April 23rd

* The Tapping Summit 2012 starts May 7th (sorry this date was wrong in my last posting)

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