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June 11th, 2012

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Yes, this week I would like to tackle the "money" subject, quite interesting and always current.


Lets face it, in the world we live in, money is a necessity, our survival has come to depend on how much money we make and no matter what our thoughts are about money, the reality is that we need it to live in this "modern" world.

People all over the world struggle around this "necessity," regardless of whether or not their basic needs are met. How is it that this human "fabrication" has come to rule our lives?

Well, in a consumer society that glorifies the insatiable appetite for more material stuff, there is no wonder why money has become a center of its functioning. Money has been given a tremendous power that has taken over our societies.

I remember when I came to the US and heard for the first time the expression "He is worth a million dollars", I was UTTERLY shocked!!! I know, it is just and expression, however, our language and use of words deeply reflect the values of our culture, and to me this expression meant that a person's worth was measured by how much money they had/made. I still cringe every time I hear it!

I know I was biased because I grew up in a third world country, painfully conscious of the poverty around me and, with parents that have strong non-materialistic values. In "my world" the pursuit of money was not honorable. However, as much as I tried to push money away from my mind, it is part of my everyday life, whether I like it or not...

I have come to understand that money is nothing but what we think of it. For many, money is evil, for others it represents the hope of achieving happiness and freedom, for others it equals success and pride and yet for some it produces guilt and fear. From people who hate it to those who worship it, there is no denying that we all have a distinct "relationship" with it.

Money is ultimately as powerful as we decide to make it, it is up to each one of us to find our true relationship to money. Why do I say we need to find our true relationship to it?
Because in most cases the nature of our relationship to money is totally unconscious to us, it comes from a deep part of our mind that has been conditioned to see it in a certain way, so we may be totally unaware of it.

I recently listened to a very interesting seminar that stated that money is nothing but another form of energy and according to the energy we radiate, we may attract more or less of it. There are about 25 common energy blockages around money, that most people have. Some have a couple of them, some have a dozen or more, but it doesn't matter how many you have, one is enough to affect your capacity to make/obtain money (more on these blockages below).

I want to share my particular experience to use as an example:

I, for one thing, never really thought much about money, because of my faith and upbringing, I had a deep belief that I would never lack what I needed, to live (food, education, clothes, etc) so I never really had any fear about not having enough. However, I never imagined myself having much money either, because deep inside I saw money as evil and believed that my true values were against what money and materialistic values represented.
So, I never had a lot, but I always had enough... In other words, I have always done what I had to do (unconsciously) in order to safely remain in my comfort zone.

I have denied myself to make more money, even when I had the chance, because I was not comfortable with the idea of having more, I had (and still have) a few energy blockages around the money issue. The good thing is, I became aware of this pattern and tried to find out what my true beliefs were around money in order to break my blockages.

Most people, like myself, have one or many energy blockages that come from deep seated core beliefs imprinted in our subconscious mind from a very early age. These beliefs come from the repetition of messages that we heard, growing up, from our parents, our teachers, the media, authority figures, government officials, etc.

Just to give you a few examples of some messages that may sound familiar:

  • Money is the root of all evil
  • Money doesn't grow on trees
  • You have to work hard to earn a living
  • Rich people are rich because they abuse the poor

And what about the famous Bible quote: "it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God."

The truth is, money is neither good nor bad, and it should not run our lives, but we give it too much power.

Many people see money as a goal in and of itself and spend their lives trying to find ways to make more of it. Money should never be a goal, but simply a tool to achieve our true goals, however for most people, true goals get blurry in the race to obtain more and more money. Other people spend their lives trying to "avoid" making too much money, in order to stay within their unconscious comfort zone (like me), but in one way or another money often becomes a central point in our lives and can create frustration, resentment, guilt, fear, conflict, etc.

This is such a complex subject that for today, I leave you with this food for thought. Next week I will continue on this subject with the topic on: Money vs Abundance.

Have a great week!


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