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June 19th, 2012

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money-abundanceFollowing up with last week's article: Money, money, money.... Today I wish to talk about the difference between Money and Abundance.

As I mentioned before, I was never comfortable with the idea of making or having too much money, because of my upbringing and my beliefs around money itself. Luckily, I realized that prosperity does not necessarily mean having a lot of money, but rather having abundance in one's life, and there lies the true richness.

Abundance is not about money, it is about real prosperity which is visible in your state of health, the state or your relationships, your dreams, etc. Abundance refers to everything that can enrich your life, that allows you to thrive, that makes you happy, such as:

  • Good friends
  • Good Health
  • Fulfilling work
  • A loving family
  • Delicious food
  • Leisure time
  • Etc.

Basically having abundance in your life means having all that is really meaningful. For some of it you may need to use money, but money is a tool and not a commodity or an end goal. We should always work towards gaining abundance (not money), and in so doing we will find the money to accomplish what is needed.

Many people pursue money as if it was an end goal, a commodity, a magic thing that would solve all their problems, but the truth is, money does not solve problems and in many cases it creates more. It is good to remember that money and happiness have nothing to do with each other, you can be poor and happy and you can be rich and miserable.

This is not to say money is bad or we should avoid it! In the contrary, we should always welcome it into our lives because it is a useful tool that can help us navigate this world. And if you have, as I do, a blockage around it, you should work to remove it, because again: it is important to allow money into your life, as it is important to remember that money is not and never will be the answer to your problems.

I love a hindi story that I heard once and made me think about the difference between money and abundance and how we handle both. I do not remember the names in the story but I do remember the lesson in it, it went something like this:

There were two goddess, one of money and fortune and one of happiness and purpose.
The goddess of money was very elusive and fleeting, so those who worshiped her could never reach her and if they did, she would not stay with them long enough.
On the other hand, the goddess of happiness and purpose was stable and strong, so those who worshiped her, not only enjoyed her favors for a lifetime but also had fortune and money, because the goddess of money being so vain, and seeing herself neglected, would pursue them all their lives.

This story goes in line with modern beliefs and the law of attraction, which states that if you are true to yourself, pursue your dreams with faith and, focus on your existing abundance, money will always manifest in your life when you need it.

But it is not always easy to focus on the good when you feel you are lacking in many areas of your life, it does take profound work and transformation. The key is to take a leap of faith in your actions, and to focus entirely on the present moment. We also need to constantly remember ourselves that we deserve abundance and with the right state of mind we can achieve it. Also, never think that by having more in your life you are taking from others, that is a myth!

There is a great book I recommend on this topic called: The Soul of Money: Reclaiming the Wealth of Our Inner Resources. I wish to quote a paragraph in the back cover of this book, that I think is relevant to what I am saying:

"We live in a world that promotes a mindset of scarcity. That mindset eclipses our experience of our own wholeness and sufficiency and turns our attention to wanting what we don't have. Consumer culture depends on people living in fear of scarcity, feeling inadequate, empty, and deficient so that we think we need to acquire and accumulate more to be okay. We are swimming in messages that tell us we are not enough, that there isn't enough and that more of anything and everything is better. We're told that there is no alternative, and that's just the way it is. This condition of scarcity is made up of toxic unexamined and unconscious beliefs that have us constantly craving what we don't have, and keep us frantically chasing after money so that we can acquire and accumulate. This mindset is invalid, destructive and disempowering. It is also untrue."

If you wish to read and explore more in depth on these topics, here are a few more resources that I recommend:

Have a great week!


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