The Roller Coaster of Emotions

June 26th, 2012

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This week I wanted to tackle a vast subject: Emotions, and how they can throw us out of balance.


When our emotions rule our lives (which is the case for most of us), we are in a constant roller coaster: sometimes we are up, sometimes down, sometimes in between, but we are rarely fully grounded, balanced and at peace. Until we are able to get out of this roller coaster, we are vulnerable.

Different people handle their emotions differently, but we all have them.

There is a vast array of diversity when it comes to the way we handle our emotions and, a large variety of emotions as well. We may handle different emotions in different ways too, for instance: it may be easier for someone to express anger, but very difficult to express sorrow.

Emotions are a form of energy and it is important to keep this energy circulating, especially if the energy is of negative content (fear, anxiety, guilt, anger, sorrow, etc), we need to let it out of our bodies, we need to get rid of it.

For the purpose of this posting, I will divide people on 4 main groups, related to the way they handle their emotions, especially negative ones, and how they can affect them:

  1. People who show their emotions freely
  2. People who contain or repress their emotions consciously
  3. People who ignore their emotions as if they don't exist
  4. People who have tamed their emotions by finding inner peace

The first group: those who show their emotions freely, are people who are able to express their emotions with no repression, and although they may be seen as immature or weak by others, the benefit of this type is that they are able to free themselves from the negative emotion/energy and move on, they let it out of their bodies, until the next emotion comes along of course.

The second group: those who repress their emotions consciously, may be seen by others as more mature, polite, in control, etc. but inside they have a hard time processing the emotion and it takes them longer to get rid of the negative energy produced by it, but at least they are aware the emotion.

The third group: those who ignore their emotions as if they don't exist, are people who are often seen as happy go lucky or unfazed by anything, but deep inside their emotions/energy is stuck and with no way out. This energy gets blocked in the body and oftentimes ends up showing up as physical pain, discomfort and ultimately disease more or less severe.

The people in the second and third groups tend to repress or ignore their emotions because they received messages of inadequacy when they express them as children. Depending on the culture and family they grew up in, beliefs were planted in their subconscious mind, such as: expressing emotions is a sign of weakness, it is impolite or shameful to express them, it is not ok to "bother" people with your emotions, etc.

Now, on to the fourth group: those who have tamed their emotions by finding inner peace, they are probably the most rare and the healthiest of all, they are able to tame their emotions in the sense that they are not really affected so much by what happens to them, they have found true inner peace and strength, therefore the intensity of negative emotions/energy has gone down dramatically.

Note that there is a big difference between the third and fourth groups, even though in the surface it may seem they handle their emotions in the same way. Those who ignore them, still have all that negative energy trapped in their bodies, while those who have found inner peace do not really accumulate any negative energy.

After understanding all these nuances, I came to realize how lucky I was to be able to express my emotions freely, but I also work hard to reach that inner peace that will free me from the turmoil of negative emotions altogether.

An important point to add here is that the people in the last group are by no means insensitive to the world around them, they are usually loving and caring people, but they are wiser as to how they navigate the world, they have been able to get down of the roller coaster.

Have a great week!


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