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July 10th, 2012

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How much of a "sponge" are you?


This may seem like a weird question, but it will make sense as soon as you read this post!

When we believe that this world is made up of energy, we can see that events, situations or people emanate a more or less positive energy. Now, people are equally more or less sensitive to the energy around them, and those who are more sensitive (often without their knowledge) will be more affected by it.

In other words, some people are a sponge for energy, they absorb it whether it is positive or negative and it affects them directly. I believe that, to some extent, we all absorb the energy around us, but it is true that some people seem to be more sensitive than others.

The problem is that often we do not realize that we are absorbing negative energy, and that we are being affected by it. People who are very sensitive (but not aware of it), may unconsciously create unhealthy shields against it (over-eating, drinking, withdrawal, etc) to protect themselves from its effects. Kids, for instance, are incredible sensitive, they are little sponges of energy, so we should carefully manage our own energy around them and try to protect them from negative energy as much as possible.

You may have experienced anxiety or fear when listening to news of crimes, financial crisis or a health threat; or you may feel uncomfortable around people that constantly complain or criticize others. On the other hand, you may feel uplifted and lighter around people who are positive, calm and joyous.

If you have those feelings, it means you are sensitive and you are absorbing the energy around you, because it is affecting your own energy. This is normal, we should all feel the effect of the energy that surrounds us, because it is this field of energy that connects us all. However, it is really important to protect our energy field, especially from negative energy.

The good news is that being aware of this puts us one step ahead, because we can recognize negative energy when it arises in a situation or a person (including ourselves!). If for instance, we have a tendency to complain about everything or to constantly criticize other people, we are emanating negative energy, and it is good to reevaluate our own language and our outlook on life in order to change that energy around.

If, on the other hand, we are around people or situations that emanate negative energy, we can avoid them as much as possible or, if that is not an option, we can use other techniques to protect ourselves when we are around them (more on this later).

The same thing can happen when we watch sad news or violent/dark movies, if we are affected by them, we should avoid them at all cost! I know that this is my personal case, I am sensitive to the visual media and it has a direct effect on my mood, so, following a wise advice from one of my best friends (who happens to be a very positive person), I stopped watching them years ago and I have never gone back, it was absolutely worth it!

Now, it is not always possible to avoid negative situations, or people, but luckily there are techniques that can be used to protect ourselves form those encounters, one of them is visualization, another one is prayer (if that is in your practice). Many professionals in the fields of social work, psychotherapy, energy healing, etc. wisely use these techniques because they are exposed to people who are experiencing difficulties and therefore tend to emanate negative energy.

One thing you can do if you know you will be in a situation that will expose you to negative energy is visualize or imagine that you are inside a blue bubble and that no negative energy can enter the bubble, imagine that you are fully protected by it. You can also imagine that you have a beautiful giant bell that covers you and nothing negative can penetrate it.

The beauty of this exercise is that you can use whatever shield you like, as long as you imagine it or visualize it and it feels real to you, you are protecting your energy field.

For those of you who have a practice of prayer, you can pray God, your Angels or other Entity to protect you and form an energy shield around you. You can do this every day, just to be sure that if, at some point during the day, you are exposed to negative energy, your own energy won't be affected.

And last but not least, be always "aware" of the energy around you, if you sense that the place or the people are negative, the atmosphere is not right, the mood is dark, or something makes you feel uncomfortable somehow, even if you don't see an obvious reason, remove yourself from the situation or take distance from the people, trust your vibes!

Remember: You are responsible for your own energy! So, if your energy is negative, take a look inside yourself and try to change it, because you are affecting your environment with it. And if you are the one affected by the negative energy around you, be aware of it, make wise choices and protect yourself!

We are all sponges to a certain extent, so instead of absorbing carelessly, bring your attention to what you are absorbing and make sure you filter it well!

Have a great week!


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