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July 30th, 2012

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My inspiration this week comes from watching this year Olympic Games.The opening ceremony gave me goose bumps. It is pretty amazing to see almost every country in the world represented by athletes that come together, to compete, yes, but also to bond and show that ultimately we are all one big family, despite our differences in language, culture, religion, political views, color, etc.


While researching for this post I found and article about the origin of the Olympic Games, and I extracted a paragraph that I found interesting:

Even though the ancient Olympic Games were fiercely competitive, their peaceful nature was always a distinguishing characteristic that made them unique. In this regard, one of the more extraordinary stories about ancient Greece is that during the Olympic Games, all fighting stopped. In other words, the athletes, who were often soldiers, were permitted to leave the military to participate in the Games and were guaranteed safe passage through enemy territory. - Alex Pattakos 08/12/2008, Huffpost

Anyway, not only do I find it refreshing to see the whole world come together in an atmosphere of peace, joy and passion, but I also find it interesting to see how boundaries can be constantly pushed and people can surpass themselves when they believe it is possible.

As far as athletes, for instance, the moment a new record is set (in time, strength or otherwise), it becomes "possible", and more and more people are able to break it or at least meet it. It takes that powerful belief in what is possible to change our entire life.

My topic today refers to the incredible potential that we have and how we can achieve goals only if we truly believe in our hearts that it is possible. As a new record is broken, a new "possible" emerges, and suddenly people start working towards that new goal, likewise, we can create a new "possible" in our lives, and head towards it.

The interesting thing about this phenomena is that it is all in the mind, if we believe something can be done, it CAN. The strength of our beliefs is enormous, we are what we believe in, we are shaped by those beliefs, therefore, if those beliefs change, we change too, and so do our circumstances.

To apply this principle in our own life, we need to look at our goals and/or deepest desires and find out our true beliefs around them, because if deep inside we do not believe we can achieve what we desire, we most certainly won't. The tricky part is that our beliefs are not always clear, we may work hard to achieve something, but unconsciously we may feel that we are unworthy of it, that we don't have what it takes, or that we stand to loose too much if we get them.

This is true for any goal big or small: loosing weight, having a better job, finding a partner, etc. It is all possible if we believe we can, but we often boycott our efforts with contradictory negative feelings that only prove that deep inside we don't believe we can have what we really want.

I invite you today to "rethink your possible" and by doing so, take yourself a little closer to the ideal life that you want, one step at a time. For all the amazing athletes we see compete in the Olympics, it took years of effort and determination to be where they are, but the first step to get anywhere is to believe that you can and will get there eventually.

What are your feelings and emotions about your goals and dreams?, what are your fears about achieving them? try to go further than just the conscious realm of reasoning and find your true beliefs by looking at your feelings rather than your thoughts on the subject.

I wish you find your new possible and take a step forward towards the life you want!

Have a great week!


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