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August 6th, 2012

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I can say today's newsletter is deeply inspired in reality, my reality of today precisely!


What you see in the picture above is an X-Ray of my left foot, my broken left foot, and I am writing this article from my bed as I rest my leg up. The funny thing about this is that I was scheduled to board a flight to Paris an hour from now.

This trip was important for me in many ways, for one, I was going to say goodbye to my grandmother who is now 96 and fading fast, I had hoped to see her and hug her one more time. On the other hand, I have many dear friends and family there that I wanted to see as well, and, it was going to be the first time in 4 years that I would have 2 entire weeks by myself without my kids. My husband had planned his vacation accordingly and was taking our kids to see his parents.

I was truly looking forward to time off from my daily mom duties, I had hoped to relax, sleep more, read, etc. do all those things I never get the chance to do. Everything was planned to the slightest detail, I was organized and ready to go, but, last night I broke my foot.

The Doctor explained that I will need surgery to place the bone at the right angle and make sure it heals properly, so... that is that, no trip, no vacation, no seeing my grandma, none of that... Now is more like scheduling surgery, calling everyone to cancel my visits, trying to get reimbursement for tickets, re-organizing time with kids, etc.

However, I find myself quite calm. I truly believe this happened for a reason, a reason I can't possibly understand just yet, but it is what it is. Yesterday when I was taken to the hospital I just focused on the moment at hand and realized that every person I came in contact with was really helpful and nice to me, unbelievably nice in fact, I even got a ride back home at midnight from the ER Doctor, it was all pretty weird.

I did not feel any anger, frustration, sadness, or disappointment. Instead I focused on every moment with total calm. I feel like all the work I have done as far as living in the present, accepting life and trusting the universe is showing up now, in a circumstance that is quite unlucky but at least not serious.

In the past, I would have been very frustrated about this, but now, I am fine, I won't be able to use my left foot for a while, I am not sure when I'll go to France, I will most likely not see my grandma again, in this earth that is, but I accept this with total peace.

This new found feeling gives me trust in the capacity human beings have for finding peace in any circumstance, because I know that a few years back, my reaction would have been entirely different. Furthermore, I believe that my attitude of peace and calm is what allowed me to see all the good around me and even maybe attracted all the nice people to me, so that the whole experience was rather agreeable and easy.

Instead of torturing myself thinking about all of what I will miss, I have a fresh mind and am dealing pretty well with what is going on right now. Only "I" know what an incredible transformation this is for me. This allows me to see how much I have changed, but it also tells me that each and every one of us can experience transformation to a better, calmer and happier self, if we decide to work at it.

Once a teacher said to me: "No matter how much we read, meditate and work at finding our inner peace, only in moments of trouble one knows to which extent we have found it", and this to me is one of those moments, were I can see the results of my personal work! So I hope this encourages you to look at life obstacles and difficulties with peace, calm, and a positive attitude.

Have a great week!


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