Don't let one thing ruin your day!

August 14th, 2012

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A few months ago, I was taking a class with one of my favorite yoga teachers, and she shared a story that I would like to share with you today:


She was telling us how she spent the whole day at the beach with good friends, how they had a wonderful time, great weather, great food, etc. However, on her way home, at the end of a wonderful day, just as she was pulling into her driveway she got a flat tire and she immediately started to think about her bad luck and how that had ruined her day... Hopefully, she quickly realized her mistake and stopped these negative thoughts on the spot.

In thinking of this story I realized that we are often quick at letting one particular incident ruin our day, we forget all the good things that happened before and we focus only on the negative incident and the nuisance it will cause us in the immediate future. All the good things are suddenly erased when something annoying happens.

I can picture myself falling into this particular scenario many times, where I would let one little thing ruin my whole day. I have since learned that it is good to keep our mind in check and prevent it from breaking into this negative habit.

My dad once said a phrase that I really like:

"A falling tree makes much more noise than the whole forest growing"

In other words, we often take for granted all the good things around us and barely pay attention to them, but in contrast, when something bad happens we make a big fuss about it, we ruminate over it and make it the focus of our day.

We can also see this trend in the media, where all the bad things make the news right away because they create a real sensation, whereas the good things are not really "popular" so they seldom make the news.

Life is filled with ups and downs, but if we are able to appreciate the good things, if we are grateful for all the good aspects of our life and marvel at the beauty that surrounds us, we are less likely to let a bad thing throw us out of balance. In fact, the more appreciative you are, the more you will be capable to see the silver lining in every dark cloud and you will be able to recover faster from bad incidents.

So next time you have a great day and something annoying happens, just let it go or deal with it if needed but don't let it ruin everything else, keep things into perspective and remember to appreciate all the good things you do have!

Have a great week!


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