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Starting a Happiness Practice

July 7th, 2014

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After quite a long break on my writing, I am back, and today I wanted to reflect on how much of our time and energy we devote everyday to feeling better, being happier, and, overall enjoying our life.


Although it is important to take time to do things that we enjoy, whatever that might be (reading a book, taking a nap, playing with our kids, etc.) more important than that, is actually paying attention to those small simple pleasures that define happiness, sometimes we don't even need to "do" anything, we just have to "be aware" of life unfolding before us.

More often than not, we tend to focus on the things that don't go so well in our lives, or we may get stuck in a cycle of living in the past or the future, and that takes our attention away from what is going on in the moment. Many small things that happen to us every day could bring joy into our life, but only if we choose to see them, only if we pay attention to them, we acknowledge them; and that is ultimately our choice. Today, I would like to invite you to bring awareness to those simple things that happen to you everyday and that can be a source for happiness.

Everything in life takes practice, and this is not an exception, the more we practice awareness, the better we will become at it, but we need to be committed to this practice, otherwise, the old usual patterns will take over again and again. There are different ways to gain awareness and make it a daily habit, but the first step is to realize the importance of this practice and how it can greatly improve our lives.

I recently came across something that could be a useful tool for this kind of practice, some of you may have heard of the #100happydays on Facebook, it is a challenge that is becoming a social phenomenon, as there are over one million people already registered in their website. The idea behind #100happydays is to challenge people to find one happy moment every single day for 100 days and post a picture about that moment on their social page, it could be anything, from having coffee with a good friend, to looking at a beautiful flower.

It seems a little daunting at first (especially the length of the challenge), but it actually does not take more than 1 minute a day to post, maybe even less. This is not to give you an excuse to "show off" how happy you are,on Facebook, but rather to create a solid daily practice on gaining awareness.

Whether you are active in a social network or not, it doesn't really matter, you can find other ways to gain awareness, but this kind of challenges help you commit to a practice and commit long enough that it becomes second nature to you.

If you are not very active on Social Media platforms (which many of us are not, including myself!), here are other useful tools to start an awareness practice:

  • Keep a gratitude journal, and write every single night 2 things that happened to you during the day and that you are thankful for
  • Do a shorter happydays challenge, maybe with a friend (to have some pressure), 21 days is a minimum length to really get any benefit
  • Set your alarm every day at the same time and when it goes off, reflect on what has happened so far and what may have been a happy moment that went unnoticed

The important thing is to find a way that will help you commit to a daily practice, as constant practice is the only thing that will make a lasting change in your life!

If you are active on Social Media, I highly encourage you to take a look at the #100happydays and embark in the journey. Aside from checking their website, you can also read this interesting article: #100happydays: The story behind the social phenomenon spreading joy around the world.

And, if you are not active on a Social Media Platform, do NOT use that as an excuse not to do anything, you can use the suggestions above to start another practice, and the best day to start is: TODAY!

Have a happy week!
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