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October 27th, 2014

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WOW! It has taken me a month to get back to my writing! Having a new job, along with my parenting duties and other responsibilities in my life, has left very little time for my writing. Sometimes life's duties take us away from those things we really enjoy doing... But today I am back with a post on Energy Tips.

I recently listened to an interview with Donna Eden, author of Energy Medicine: Balancing Your Body's Energies for Optimal Health, Joy, and Vitality. Donna has been working for 35 years, teaching people how to use energy in order to improve their health. Based on the premise that we are energy and that our bodies are governed by the flow of this energy, by working with this energy flow we can have a lot more control over our health and well being.

Energy medicine has been part of our history as human beings for as long as we have existed in this planet, many ancient civilizations have used it. I won't go into lengths to explain our energetic body because it would take too long, but I wish to share a few interesting and useful tips that you can start using right now and that can benefit your life. One important thing to know is that our hands, especially our palms can gather energy in a very powerful way, so we can use our palms to bring forth that energy.

If you think of it, "the laying on of hands" is a religious ritual that accompanies certain religious practices, which are found throughout the world in varying forms, and they often represent the imparting of spiritual blessings, power, authority, and healing. Many energy healing practices known today, like Reiki, use the palms of the hands to balance the energy and clear the blockages of another person, the practitioner doesn't even need to touch the patient to channel their energy. Other eastern medicine practices like Acupuncture, are based on stimulating the body's energy points called the Meridians, through the use of needles, but those can be also stimulated with the use of tapping, as in Tapping or EFT, you can read more on EFT on the resources shared below.

According to Donna, we still carry within us, some instinctive gestures related to the knowledge of energy healing, because they are engrained in our DNA. For instance, when our belly hurts we often rub it with our hands, or when we are stressed out or worried we may bring our hand to our forehead, even if it is just for a few seconds.

Now, lets take the last example (our hand pressing our forehead when we are stressed), and explain the mechanics of it: When you get stressed out you can loose up to 80% of the blood in your forebrain, so it becomes very hard to think clearly when the blood is not flowing into your thinking brain (also called the prefrontal cortex). This withdrawal of blood happens in order to bring more blood into our feet and our body, so that we can run and escape or fight for our life. This is an automatic response that comes from our origins, when we faced dangers such as: being eaten by a lion. Our body still has these automatic responses, even if there is no critical danger, this response is called the fight or flight response.

The problem is, nowadays, we face another kind of stress that is not immediately life threatening but unfortunately, it is more of a constant in our lives, so it keeps triggering the flight of fight response, where we don't really need it, and this can create a lot of complications in our lives and in our health.

When our blood leaves our forebrain, we tend to use our back brain more (also called the reptilian brain) which is our primal brain function that helps us survive in life threatening circumstances and that we share with all reptiles and mammals.

So, when you are under "modern" stress you may react in less than optimal ways, as you cannot think clearly. Coming back to our gesture of pressing our hand to our forehead, why do we do this? Well, by bringing our hand to our forehead, we can draw the flow of blood back into our forebrain, and we will be able to find our calm again and we will be able to think clearly again. The problem is, most people just make the gesture and then take their hand off.

So here is Donna's first tip on energy medicine:

When you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed or, worried: do bring your hand to your forehead and KEEP it there for a few minutes, as you do this, try to also take deep breaths, and little by little you will feel more in control. I often tell my kids when they are out of control to take a deep breath, but that isn't easy when you are crying desperately or totally scattered, so the forehand tip, paired with the breathing, is a much more powerful and faster tool to regain our calm.

Donna also shared a 5 minute energy routine to bring your energy back up and keep it flowing in your body, this is a good thing to do as a daily maintenance practice, especially useful at that time of day when you feel your energy dropping, this usually happens around 3 PM for most people, but everybody is different. So try to tune into your body and feel which would be the time of day, where your energy drains, which may vary from day to day.

This routine is short and easy and can really help you maintain a better flow of energy throughout your day, it takes only 5 minutes, once you learn it you can do it anywhare! So, why not try it today!
If you want to see it, click on the image below and you will be taken to Donna's video.


Donna has a lots of great tips in her books, recordings and videos, but for now, I just wanted to share these 2 that you can start using right now and can make a big difference in your days!

So, next time you feel stressed, remember to keep your hand on your forehead and breathe...

Have a Great Week and keep the energy flowing!

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