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10% Happier - Book of the Month

November 24th, 2014

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Continuing with the topic of meditation after my last post: Meditation Explained! I would like to introduce a wonderful book for further reading. A good friend of mine gifted me this book a few weeks ago and I really loved it:

10% Happier by Dan Harris

dan-harrisI have read many books about meditation, but one thing I really liked about Dan Harris' book is that the author is the epitome of skepticism, and he became a meditator in spite of all the resistance he initially had about it. He realized that by meditating his entire life transformed for the better.

As a known TV anchor, Harris had access to many of the leading teachers of meditation and gurus of self help in the country, so he shares his personal encounters with Deepak Chopra, Eckart Tolle, Tara Brach, amongst others.

Harris has a way with words, his writing style is enjoyable, insightful and funny. It is an easy read and a very light book, as opposed to many meditation books that can be hard to grasp or heavy to read.

He represents a large part of the population that have many misconceptions about meditation, or that get turned off by the spiritual lingo that often accompanies this practice.

I believe this book is of great value to anybody, regardless of their knowledge or interest in meditation; it is the story of one man, who was confronted with his human struggles and found meditation and, in spite of his initial skepticism and cynical view, came around by personally experiencing the benefits of the practice. He shares tips and ideas that he received from experts in the field, and he uses a language that is really accessible to a wide audience.

Here below is one of my favorite excerpts:

"until we look directly at our minds we don't really know what our lives are about... everything we experience in this world goes through one filter - our minds - and we spend very little time bothering to see how it works"

For people who are more familiar with meditation, this book is still a great read, and offers new and interesting insights like for instance the RAIN methodology for applying mindfulness, given to him by Tara Brach:

R: recognize
A: allow
I: investigate
N: non-identification

Whether you are just curious about meditation or a seasoned practitioner, I highly encourage you to take a look at this book, it is funny and light yet at the same time profound. Simply a great read.

Have a Great Week!


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