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Who wants to be rich anyway A great article about our programmed beliefs on money and how they are missing the point!

15 Things You Should Give Up To Be Happy A great list of things we should change in our behaviour in order to be happier.

Ways to activate happiness in your daily life
Great tips and ideas to help us activate and develop "happiness" as a skill

Plan your Happiness, by Shafin De Zane
A wonderful blog post on happiness as a skill

5 Things Happy People Do, by Gabrielle LeBlanc

You'll be happy when? Make happiness your priority now, by Michael Neill

Find Your Passion
A GREAT resource article from Oprah with practical exercises and insights, I recommend you print it before you read it. You can start by looking at the first exercise, and decide if you want to print the whole thing.

Whole Food Vitamin and Mineral List
A clear and concise article about the benefits of Vitamins and Minerals, and their natural food sources

Designed to Heal By Dr. Ben Kim
This is a very interesting article written by a Doctor, on how our body is supposed to heal by itself, but we need to pay more attention to its needs and reconnect with it, instead of blindly trusting health care providers and giving them the last word on our health! A must read!

Laughter is the Best Medicine
This article is about all the many benefits of laughter. It is very interesting and offers many different resources on the topic!

Six Ways to Keep Your Relationship Healthy By Dr. Ben Kim
This is a very interesting article from a blog that I follow, it also mentions the 5 Love Languages and gives personal examples.

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