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Terence MCKenna describes Novelty Theory with an elaboration of its core principles involving hyper-complexification and the compression of Time Video

The language of the Divine Matrix Part 1 - Part 2
Gregg Braden

5 Ways of Prayer, miracles and how to achieve them - Loise Hay, Gregg Braden and Wayne Dyer
5 formas de orar, los milagros, cómo logarlos - Louise Hay, Gregg Braden y Wayne Dyer

Mundos Internos, Mundos Externos

The Living Matrix

Somasoul and Body Psychotherapy A video on the value of body expression in healing.

The Happy Movie - See preview here
A wonderful documentary on Happiness

Happiness (You tube video)
Inspiring video with powerful quotes by famous people

Shawn Achor: The happy secret to better work - TED Video
I greatly encourage you to watch it, not only is he hilarious, but he gives some good tips and his talk is really interesting. Beware he talks a little fast!

Cellular Biologist Bruce Lipton Part 1- Part 2
This is a fascinating interview with Bruce Lipton, where he talks about Newtonian vs Quantum Physics, Health in connection with Thought, Conscious and Subconscious Mind, and more.

What is Intuition and Who can We Develop it? Part 1
This is an informal interview with Sonia Choquette, on intuition, she is a wonderful author and teacher!

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