Resources on Eating Well and keeping a Healthy Diet

Resources on Health, Science and Research

Dr. Gabor Maté
Gabor Maté M.D. is a physician and bestselling author whose books have been published in nearly twenty languages worldwide. Common to all of Dr. Maté’s work is a focus on understanding the broader context in which human disease and disorders arise.

Yoga Resources
All you need to know about Kundalini Yoga

Kripalu Center
Discover the "Yoga of Life" here you can find the best courses on many different areas: nutrition, meditation, yoga, healing, etc. A place to retreat and renew

Yoga Journal
This is my favorite Yoga Magazine, lost of great articles about yoga and how to apply it into every aspect of your life
Great Yoga Resource in general

Resources about Yoga Dance, Nia and Healing Through Mouvement

Kripalu Center for yoga and health
This is a wonderful place located in the berkshires of western MA. They offer many programs lead by incredible teachers, all throughout the year, you can visit it for a specific workshop, for training or just for a renewal retreat, I highly recommend it, they also offer great free resources in their website.

Spiritual Resources

Sonia Choquette's Website
Sonia is a NY Times Best-selling Author, Vibrational Healer, and Six Sensory Teacher, this is her website will all the information about her workshops, books, bio, etc.

Edgar Cayce's Association for Research and Enlightenment
Edgar Cayce's Association for Research and Enlightenment, Inc. (A.R.E.®), is a not-for-profit organization founded in 1931 by Edgar Cayce (1877-1945), to research and explore transpersonal subjects such as holistic health, ancient mysteries, personal spirituality, dreams and dream interpretation, intuition, and philosophy and reincarnation.

Self Growth & Developing our Potential

Dr. Jean Houston
Jean Houston, Ph.D., scholar, philosopher and researcher in Human Capacities, is one of the foremost visionary thinkers and doers of our time. She is long regarded as one of the principal founders of the Human Potential Movement. Dr. Houston is noted for her ability to combine a deep knowledge of history, culture, new science, spirituality and human development into her teaching.

The WISH International Summit
The WISH Summit (Women International Summit for Health), takes place every year and it is an incredible event, filled with wisdom and inspiration. During 40 days or so, participants have free access to interviews with leaders in different fields of life, such as: Relationships, Sexuality, Finances, Spirituality, etc. I highly recommend it!

The Silva Method
The Silva Method offers you the concepts & tools to develop a more vibrant, positive and powerful lifestyle.The founder of Silva International, Jose Silva, carried out experiments on how children and adults can use their subconscious powers to control stress, stimulate good health and positively affect the people and atmosphere around them. Since 1966 when the program of formal classes began, this scientific investigation has continued.

The Tapping Solution and Meridian Tapping Techniques
Learn about this incredibly simple way to release negative energy from your body and achieve wonderful results in any area in your life where you have a blockage. Meridian Tapping Techniques, is like "accupuncture without needles", it uses accupressure points in the body and by simply tapping on these points, using your own fingers, you can stimulate your body's energy system and release negative energy.

Love and Relationships

The 5 Love Languages
This is the official website for the book of the same name, by Gary Chapman (reviewed in our book section). It offers lots of valuable information related to the book topic: the idea that all human beings communicate love in 5 specific ways, and each of us have one or two ways that we use, understanding this will help us heal our relationships and create better ones. The website also offers a nice Assesment tool, to help you find what is your predominant language, and much more.

Law of Attraction

The O Dream Board
This is a digital tool to create Vision Boards, offered by Oprah, you do need to register to obtain access to it, but it is free.

Mind Movies Software
This link takes you straight into the purchase page for the Mind Movies, this is a software that will allow you to create your own mind movies, you should do some research about it before you decide whether or not you would like to buy it.

Meditation Resources

21-Day Meditation Challenge
At the start of every season, The Chopra Center offers this wonderful tool to get you started on meditation, although you can also benefit from it at any level of the practice! It is free and FULL of inspiration!

Huff Post Meditation page
This page offers many articles, tips, ideas, etc. on Meditation

Meditation Resource Library
This is the Chopra Center Meditation Resource Library with tools and tips to help your meditation practice.

Guided Meditation on Gratitude
This is a free guided meditation offered by the Chopra Center, you can downloaded into any device or use your computer to listen to it. It lasts about 12 minutes, find a peaceful place, a couple headphones and you can relax and follow the instructions.
This site was featured on Oprah, it is a very helpful resource for women who want to make meditation part of their lives

Meditation for Children

Meditation in the DC area:

Other Resources
Great resource for parents, teachers and babysitters. Guides, tips and ideas on how to raise children and deal with difficult issues in parenting.

The Harmony Project
This is a beautiful resource if you want to learn more about the major religions of our time and see how there is so much more that unites us than what divides us, a great site that promotes unity and respect among religions

Omega and Kripalu
These two places are like paradise on earth, places where you can spend a few days or a few weeks, take a worshop or just relax, go alone or bring your kids (at Omega), in short, if you need a real break or you want to take a specific class or workshop on any wellness field, these are the places to go. and Finerminds
These websites offer articles about consciousness, happiness, wellness, etc. you name it!

Evolving Wisdom and Mindvalley Academy
These two sites offer transformative education online

The Shiftnetwork
The Shift Network, Inc. empowers a growing global movement of people who are creating an evolutionary shift of consciousness that in turn leads to a more enlightened society, one built on principles of sustainability, peace, health, and prosperity. You can find great events and other resources here.

Hay House
Find books, events, courses and more.

Brain Exercise (
Improve brain health and performance by exercising it!

Optical Illusions and other grames
Just for fun, it is interesting to see how our senses and mind work

Laughter Yoga
This is the official website of "Laughter Yoga", a new discipline that is bringing lots of benefits to people. The goal of Laughter Yoga is to bring good health, joy and world peace through Laughter. Laughter is universal with no language and cultural barriers (Taken from their mission statement).

Laughter for Health
A site devoted to therapeutic Humour! You will find Laughter Clubs, Training, news and more!